My Pet Robot (2023), work-in-progress

A vision of interactive drawings exposing pre-historic evidence of impending robot armies that never eventuate. Exploring what it means to draw and how movement combined with systems of chance can be used to generate novel animations of lines orginally drawn using a mouse, amplifying and celebrating the artist's extreme and uncontrollable tremors. A dream of a robot for when everything else is gone.

My Pet Robot is a work-in-progress that will culminate in an interactive drawing installation, using one or more Kinect body-tracking sensors, to be presented at Goodwood Theatre and Studios in Adelaide, Australia for the 2023 SALA Festival. It draws on previous works using animated mouse drawings (Robot, 2022), body-tracking sensors (Drawing by Dancing, 2018-2022) and systems of chance (Portrait of a Schizophrenic Racist, 2019; Random Slide, 2018-2019; Instructions for a Dance, 2016; Mark, 2016; and Hello World, 2015).